Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pool Day

Just got back from a couple hours at the pool with KJ. Hadn't been to the pool in a while (last week or the week before??). It's crazy hot out and got a little cloudy at times. Right now it looks like it might rain. Anyway, the pool was very, very refreshing. Sometimes it gets as warm as bathwater but today it was quite cool.

KJ went to open gym last night at our church. She is signed up to play volleyball on their elementary school team this fall. She loved the clinic she did at the high school and seemed like she had a good time last night.
An update on a previous post of mine: right now my life is filled with a bunch of nosey-bodies. Yesterday, T went to the pool for a while and hung out w/ a friend she's known since kindergarten and he dropped her off at our house on his dirtbike (we live 10 houses from the pool; takes less than 60 seconds to get to our house from the pool). Sure enough, I was at the pool for 5 FREAKIN' minutes today when another mom asked me if T & this boy were dating. No. They're not. She then proceeded to tell me how they were "very flirty" with each other. They're 15 years old. They're not married or breaking any laws. Gimme a break lady. Go mind your own damn business and worry about your own kids.

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