Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice, quiet weekend

So, T-bone's home from lax camp @ Duke (and has brought home a bunch of laundry, too). She had a GREAT time and learned alot. She took a lot of pics of the campus and it is absolutely gorgeous. She also said the food was better @ the Duke camp than @ Vandy.

Tonight is "laxapalooza." I think this is the 3rd year for the event and it always kicks off Primetime lax camp for the little kids. A bunch of MLL guys come into town, talk to the kids, show them tricks, do a fastest shot, etc. KJ will be attending Primetime camp Mon-Weds and Chris will be @ the U of Alabama for his yearly Lightening Lax camp for the high school boys. The girls and I usually drive down to Tuscaloosa one afternoon and spend time w/ him and the boys. The girls, especially KJ, LOVE to see his dorm room! They think it's so funny that he stays in the dorm w/ the kids.

I have a busy week ahead of me: Monday I need to register KJ for school, Tuesday T has a haircut appointment and Wednesday is high school registration. I haven't bought the girls ANY school supplies and I have no idea who needs what for school as far as clothes, shoes go.

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