Saturday, July 11, 2009

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y (gotta sing it like the Bay City Rollers song!)

I am really looking foward to a relaxing, quiet Saturday night. I worked at the lax store today and had a nice day. Couple folks came in, chatted a bit, cleaned a bit, got some stuff in order. I probably need to spend more time up there than I do.

T-bone is in Nashville for a lacrosse camp at Vanderbilt. I drove her and a teammate up Thursday afternoon. Very nice, easy ride. We stopped on the way up in Franklin, TN. My friend Margaret's cousin has a quaint little shop right on the main street, "What's in Store," so we stopped in there. Lots of cute clothes and accessories! We also stopped at a gourmet cupcake shop and had huge, delicious cupcakes and ice cold glasses of milk. We checked into our hotel and headed downtown. We walked around for a bit and had dinner at the Hard Rock. When we got back to our room the girls hung out at the pool for a while and I chilled in the room. I was so exhausted and was under the covers by 10 PM. Friday AM we had breakfast and headed to campus. We had some time to spare before the 11:30 AM check-in so we walked around and snooped in the campus store. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. I got a great parking spot in front of the dorm and they let us check-in a little earlier than planned. T & Krissy were already chatting w/ some girls from Memphis when Ellie from Mt. Brook arrived. Got the girls situated in their dorm room and I was on the road by 12:15 PM. I made it back to B'ham in less than 3 hours (I arrived at my front door @ 3:07 PM).

T & Krissy are rooming together and Ellie is in the room right next door. T said Ellie's roommate is from England (but is currently living in the states -- MD? DC?? VA? something like that) and has a wonderful British accent. Check-in was from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday. By 12:30 PM they had to be dressed and ready to hit the field. I talked to T last night around 9 PM and she sounded like she had a great day. They played 2 scrimmages: she scored once in the first game, they had dinner and a little break and then she scored 2 goals in the second game after dinner. They were hanging out in their room last night and about to order a late night pizza. This morning they had to be at breakfast by 7:20 AM and today was triple sessions. I spoke to her after lunch and she thought the weather was going to cancel the afternoon session. When I spoke to her later in the afternoon she said it did rain a little bit but they played thru it.

In other, non-related news, T & her boyfriend broke up earlier this week. This, under any other circumstances is not exciting or even particularly newsworthy. However, in this little village we call home, this was the topic of the week at several local swimming pools. Let me just say there are some grown women out there who really need to get a life. I have actually rec'd 2 phone calls and a couple of e-mail messages asking about the big breakup. Seriously people. This is a couple of 15-year old, soon-to-be 10th graders. Do you not have anything better to do? The phone calls/e-mails where thinly veiled attempts at gossip. While the parties involved claimed to be concerned about T, it was a gossip-finding mission. Nothing more. Some women just never grow up. They were probably bitchy and nasty back in high school, too. I personally don't know; I didn't go to high school here. I can verify, however, that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. These mom's now have bitchy, nasty daughters of their own.

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