Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer's Winding Down

So both girls are registered for school. KJ missed the original registration day so I did the make-up day this week while she was at PrimeTime Lax camp. Although the line wasn't long, it did take a while since there were only 1 or 2 ladies working in the school office vs. all the volunteers at regular registration. KJ's registration ran me about $85 and haven't bought any school supplies yet. Wish they'd bring back those pre-packaged school supplies!

T registered yesterday at the high school. It went very, very smoothly and was very organized. We tried to "walk" her schedule but couldn't find half her classes and we never did find her locker. She didn't have any problems w/ her schedule which is a good thing. I was kind of hoping she'd have driver's ed the 2nd half of the year so it would be closer to her 16th b-day and the info would be fresher in her mind but she ended up having it first semester.

Chris has been at his yearly Lightening Lacrosse Camp @ the U of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and comes home tonight. The girls & I were supposed to visit Tuesday night but the weather was crazy and I really didn't want to drive in it. Last night we also had some crazy storms roll thru here. We really needed the rain.

Yesterday the girls and I did a little clothes shopping. T bought a pair of jeans @ VS Pink and 2 pairs @ Delia's (they were buy one pair, get one half off AND if you tried on a pair of jeans you also got $10 off your total). She also bought a cute dress @ Delia's and wore it for registration yesterday w/ her gladitor sandals. She's really into dresses this year. We ran into Old Navy the other day and didn't find a thing (which is a first! I have never walked out of Old Navy empty-handed!). T found a tank dress @ Urban Outfitters and last night she bought a black jacket to wear over it so it meet dress code. We also found a dress for her to wear to her cousins wedding in August. KJ bought some things at Justice -- a denim mini skirt, a pair of capri pants and a couple of tops. I had 2 coupons, one was for 40% my total and I also had a $25 coupon off $50 or more. The lady seperated my order and rang it up so I could use both my coupons and walked out of Justice spending about $85 on KJ. She also got a skirt @ JC Penny's (which rang up for $4.19!!!) and 2 tops. KJ still has a couple pairs of shorts and capri pants she can wear those first couple weeks of school. Both girls need shoes -- KJ really, really, really wants a pair of Chuck Taylors and T needs shoes to go w/ the dress for Britt's wedding.

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