Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vandy Camp

trying to get T-bone ready for lax camp this weekend. Tomorrow I am driving T-bone and a teammate of hers, Krissy, to Nashville for a 3-day lax camp at Vanderbilt University. Check-in is Friday AM. Since we're not "morning" people, it was just easier if we went up the night before. If getting her ready for a 3-day camp is this difficult, not sure what I'm going to do when it's time to send her off to college! I had to buy a set of extra-long twin sheets for the bed in the dorm room (we don't have a twin bed in this house) but Chris can take them with him to his camp at the U of Alabama in a few weeks. Since she'll be doing double-sessions we had to make sure she had enough shorts, socks, sports bras, etc. We've also had to pack a bath towel, a beach towel, pillow, blanket, ibuprofen, ankle brace, lax equipment, first aid kit, sunscreen, etc.

Chris has a rare "free" weekend coming up (and by that I mean "free" of lacrosse). No camps, no practices, no clinics, no tournaments. We have a few things in the house that need to get done. T is bugging us to paint her room and I'd still like to paint my bathroom vanity glossy black. We completely updated our bathroom 2 years ago (all new tile, new glass doors, new light fixtures, granite counter tops, new fixtures, etc.). We kept the original vanity but I've always wanted to update it taking it from that builder's grade color to a chic glossy black --- like something out of a magazine. I've bought the paint and I've bought all new knobs to go on the cabinet doors and drawers.

Last night I had a couple girlfriends over for drinks at the pool and had a wonderful time! I'm not the most outgoing person on the planet but I really do enjoy having a fun evening with good friends. I think that's my problem . . . I don't do well w/ "acquaintances." I'm the type of person who has a couple of really good friends. I also don't hide my emotions very well and if I don't like someone, they know it.

Today we ran some errands, met Chris for lunch and bought T a new phone @ AT&T. The old one kept turning off and wouldn't hold a charge. It was very quick and painless and she knew exactly which phone she wanted. Of course, the little one is bugging the CRAP out of us for a phone. She is not getting one until middle school, just like her sister. And, I'm not a big believer in "well, your sister was XXX age when she got her ears pierced/phone/went to her first concert, etc." I believe each kid is different. However, I firmly believe there is no reason on earth for a 4th grader to have a cell phone.

Check out Chris's blog when you have a chance. Today he's got a "guest" blogger, Mr. Cox from Mt. Brook. Mr. Cox has twin boys a year older than T-bone and both play on the BamaLax Elite team (these boys are crazy fast!). His one twin son, Walker, is playing for the Nashville team at the Addidas National Tournament. Trey Atkinson (Homewood), Trent Chrane (Spain Park) and Brendan Conway (Hoover) are all at the tournament as well. Two are playing for Team Atlanta and two are playing for Nashville (other than Walker, I don't know who is playing on what teams). Trey has actually been on the road the last couple of days -- he drove to Charlotte for the Southern Sizzle tournament 4th of July weekend and from Charlotte he and his parents were driving to Pittsburgh to meet w/ a college lax coach (the college name escapes me). From there they were driving to Baltimore for the Addidas tourney and then I guess they'll head back home.

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