Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrity Know-It-Alls

College Candy is one of my favorite websites. I know I'm way past my college years but this chick totally tells it like it is. Obviously, a lot of her posts don't apply to me (topics such as "hooking up," "national Pot day," "dealing w/ roommates," etc.) but sometimes I come across one of her posts that cracks me up. Case in point, this link regarding the Kardashian sisters (and every other celebrity who thinks they are an expert on some topic or another). Kate Gosselin and Brittney Spears' mom giving parenting advice, Kim Catrall giving relationship / sex advice (she co-authored the book w/ her husband, gushed on talk shows about how much they were in love and how great their sex life was and divorced mere months later). Just because I watch you on TV or in a movie, doesn't mean you're in any type of position to give advice. I think the only celebrity book I've EVER purchased is Valerie Bertinelli's book. She's so darn cute, struggled with her weight and has managed to keep it off for quite a while!


Anonymous said...

I will add thanks for sharing

*Yankee Belle* said...

That pic makes me want to quit eating.

Valerie said...

I read somewhere recently that Valerie B is about to turn 50!!!

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