Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Such a wonderful, relaxing weekend despite the crappy rain Saturday morning during T's lax game. It poured and poured but she still managed to score a couple. We took 2 cars to the field and T and I ran a bunch of erands after the game. The girls are getting a bit too old for traditional Easter baskets but the Easter bunny still tries to surprise them. T really wanted a pair of Tom's so we buzzed over to Whole Foods and Mountain High Outfitter to find her size and the color she wanted. The Easter bunny brought KJ a new Kavu bag. Her old one is very small and she can't fit her DS and other things in it. We also ran to the mall for a few things and Target. T's friend Kyle met us at Target and the two of them went to Moe's for lunch. She also went to dinner and a movie with a bunch of friends Saturday night. Friday T went out to dinner with a "friend" that we've actually known for years. Funny story...he used to live here and they went to elementary school together. His family moved out of town and now goes to a different high school. They found each other on FB a while back through mutual friends and ran into each other again on Spring Break. He called and asked her to dinner. They had a good time catching up and came back to the house for a little while. Super nice, super out-going, very friendly young man.

Today we had a great family breakfast and for Easter dinner we had spiral ham, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls and T made asparagus for the first time. We've had it several times but have never made it at home. I grew up in a fairly "meat & potatoes" kind of home and Cosmo's introduction to vegetables was even more limited...he ate a lot of pasta.

T & I spent the morning getting her dance lists together. She's got studio photos and recitals coming up in the next couple of weeks and she has a 2-page list of stuff she needs for UDA camp in Tuscaloosa. We ordered some stuff on line and organized her recital costumes (she's in 5 different routines this year). She's also starting to get some of her B'nettes outfits so we organized those as well. I don't know how she keeps it all together.

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Anonymous said...

glad you had a nice weekend .. sorry it rained on you... I got sunburned despite my attempt to keep cover

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