Sunday, April 25, 2010

crazy lax fans

Today T has a game up in Huntsville so Cosmo & KJ drove up there with the stipulation that I would stay home and catch up on my cleaning and laundry. As of right now, I'm really not too motivated.
The last couple of weeks there has been a lot of craziness going on in our little lax community. Whacko parents yelling at refs, refs yelling at parents and kids, terrible calls, exceptionally rough hits (with injuries), etc. Fortunately it's not any of OUR parents, coaches or players. Hoover always gets a bad rap for one reason or another (most of it's just jealously....great school, great athletic programs, etc.) but there has not been ONE single issue at the JV or Varsity level, boys or girls teams. All of our parents, coaches and players conduct themselves in an appropriate manner on and off the field. There have been a lot of snarky, ignorant jabs at the Hoover program over the years (one weasal in particular decided to hide behind a user name and post comments on a local message board rather than be a man and talk directly to my husband) but we've never had a parent or a coach ejected from the game (I'm not 100% sure but I don't think we've ever had a player ejected from a game either. However, at the rate Tbone is going w/ her yellow cards, there's always a first). As much as my hubster yells on the sidelines, he has NEVER EVER been ejected from a game which is more than I can say for some of the other coaches in the league. He's a yeller for sure (I think it's just that his voice "carries" on the field) but I've also seen him pat a player on the helmet after a great play and I've seen him pull a player aside and put an arm around his shoulder. I've also watched him talk to opposing players after a game and tell them congratulations. It's easy to forget that Cosmo knows almost every single boy in this league thru BamaLax, the store, camps and clinics, etc. It's very hard on me to listen to some of these parents bad-mouth my husband or the program during regular season play as Hoover's beating the snot out of them and then come all-star time they are sucking up just to get their son on the elite team.

People (parents) just get so competitive its crazy. Cosmo is one of the most competitive folks out there but he still makes sure the boys show class before and after a game. Before each game lacrosse players line up and shake hands and after a game they do the same (KJ loves it because her coach makes sure she goes first as the goalie and it makes her feel very special). Recently, we won both of our games against a rival high school and after each game a certain player refused to shake hands with any of our players or coaches. One of our assistant coaches mentioned it to their coach in a casual, totally non-confrontational manner. The other coach, instead of saying something along the lines of "sorry; I'll speak to him about his sportsmanship" and just leave it at that decided to come back with "yeah? well, your parents are rude." This is a 40+ year old man making an ignorant, immature comeback. As a coach, you had better be in control of your players at all times. As a coach, you are not responsible for what goes on in the stands. "Yeah? Well, your parents are rude" Doesn't that sound like playground crap? "Yeah, well your daddy's on welfare" (which was the ULTIMATE playground insult when I was a little kid which is so funny because we didn't even know what welfare was!).


preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Great action shots!

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wish I could take credit for the photos :-)

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