Thursday, June 20, 2013

A little Cincy, a little Baltimore, a little Liberty

“Cincinnati is a beautiful city; cheerful, thriving, and animated. I have not often seen a place that commends itself so favourably and pleasantly to a stranger at the first glance as this does.” ― Charles Dickens, American Notes: For General Circulation

Been on the go, go, go the last couple of days!  The girls and I got back from our wonderful visit to Cincinnati on Monday and KJ flies out to Baltimore tomorrow to spend the weekend with Cosmo and then on up to volleyball camp at Penn State.  My parents will pick her up and she'll spend some time with them in good ole Liberty, PA. 
We had a wonderful, relaxing yet fun-filled couple of days in Cincinnati.  I love that city!  There is SO much to do and I've just always felt at home there.  We left Hoovs Thursday morning, picked Cosmo up at the Louisville airport on our way and the Martins met us in Newport for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Just so happened there was Italian festival going on, too!  Friday we hit Kings Island running and did nothing but roller coasters all day.  And I do mean ALL day.  Diamondback, The Beast, Invertigo, Flight of Fear (my personal favorite), Vortex, The Racer.  You name it, we did it.  We had a super fun day w/ our favorite Cincinnati family and also met up with a bunch of Bamalaxers throughout the day.  Rick and his family also joined us on a couple of roller coasters! 

Saturday we spent the day at the fields for a ton of lax games.  I hadn't been to a Bamalax tournament in quite a while and I loved seeing all the little little guys running around.  They are just so cute and their little heads wobble around in their helmets.  The weather was perfect, a the U15 team ended up winning the entire tournament and I think a good time was had by all! 

Saturday night we took LT out for dinner.  She's the older sister of one of T's dearest friends and she just moved to Cincinnati 2 weeks ago.  It was so nice to visit with her and I think she was happy to see some familiar Hoover faces.  Sunday morning two of T's sorority sisters met her for breakfast and then we headed to The Great American Ballpark for the Reds game.  After the girls ran the bases, we took the big guy to the Melting Pot to celebrate Father's Day and got chocolate wasted.  Monday we dropped Cosmo off at the Louisville airport and kept driving until we hit the Ham. 

LCM is such an awesome, thoughtful friend and took such good care of us.  She spoiled us rotten and we had such a wonderful time!  We had some much needed, quality family time and had a blast with the Martins!

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