Tuesday, June 4, 2013

House Hunters (International)

I luv, luv, luv House Hunters and House Hunters International.  Always so interesting and entertaining to see what priorities other folks have.  Especially International.  The European way of life is just so different from life in America.  The little closets, the little kitchens and fridgerators.  Those crazy washer/dryer combo things that sit in either the kitchen or the bathroom.  Americans love big -- big gas guzzling cars/SUV's, big homes, big backyards, big gulps, venti coffees, big department stores and impersonal mega super centers.  Europeans would rather stroll through a park or enjoy a latte at an outdoor cafe.  Or buy fresh fruits and vegetables every day at the market, pick up some fresh baguettes, some fromage, a couple of bottles of wine.  Stroll through the flower market.  Europeans walk more than Americans and public/mass transit is the norm.  They ride bikes.  Europeans are relaxed.  They enjoy their leisure time.  They take siestas and the pace is slower.  They don't stress over carbs or calories or exercise.  They enjoy pasta, olive oil and the typical European breakfast is some type of pastry or bread spread liberally with butter and a large cup of cafe au lait.  Europeans invest in classics . . . Burberry, Hermes, Dior.  A classic black pump, the perfect handbag, a cardigan, ballet flats, a pencil skirt that will never go out of style.  A trenchcoat.  The perfect red lipstick.  I'll never forget the stooped over, little old lady T-Bone and I saw strolling down the Champs Elysees in a classic bright red Chanel jacket.  She had to have been at least 80 years old.  And the coat was easily 30 years old but was still spectacular. 

I think most European women live by the "simple elegance'" philosophy - they are never "overdone" or "obvious."  Their clothes and make up look effortless.  American women spend hours trying to look that effortless and end up looking forced.  European women never look never forced but rather classy, feminine and naturally 'sexy."  European women are very confident and embrace their beauty and sensuality.  You don't see a lot of European women with big store bought boobs or inflated lips or brash blonde haircolor.  And most European women get better with age (a la Helen Mirren, Sophia Lauren).  European women understand the importance of hydrating and take care of their skin.  They use sunscreen  And they don't drink Diet Coke by the case. 

La Dolce Vita. 

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