Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Letter B

The "b" on my keyboard is sticking and it's super annoying!  You don't realize how much you use the letter B until you have to type Happy Birthday to a friend whose name starts with the letter B!

Having a great Saturday so far despite the weird weather / barometer changes giving me a bit of a migraine and a bloody nose.  So embarassing when that happens.  I feel like I'm having a seizure or some type of brain aneurysm. 

KJ's been keeping busy the last couple of days.  Wednesday she spent the night at GW's, Thursday her friend M invited her to the pool and she spent the night at her house and Friday she went to a b-day party and KandK spent the night at our house.  I took them home around noon today and then dropped  KJ off at another swim party.  I don't know what the going rate is for b-day parties anymore but we usually put a $20 in the card.  Is this appropriate for a 13 year old??

T and I had a nice night last night.  Poor thing was EXHAUSTED.  Getting up at 4 AM is tough but she does it with a smile on her face.  Who am I kidding?  I have no idea if she has a smile on her face.  I'm not up at 4 AM to check on her.  She really loves her internship and loves being a part of the Rick and Bubba show.  She's likes being in the studio and working the phones.  She says she feels so bad when people call up and ask for a shout-out and she has to tell them that Rick and Bubba just get too many requests for that kind of thing.  She's also been doing some work with the Sports Czars.  She went out with friends Wednesday night, worked at the lax store on Thursday, went to a concert with friends that night and had to be up at the studio by 5:20 AM on Friday.  She did a few things with the Czars after Rick and Bubba and then worked at the lax store helping with BamaLax orders.  She came home, took KJ to the twins house to get ready for the party and came home a took a nap.  We went out for Mexican and ended up staying in and watching a movie.  She picked up KJ and the girls and brought them all back to the house and is back up at the lax store today.  The kid is making bank and getting some wonderful experience to boot!  Next weekend she's got plans to visit some friends in Oxford.

Earlier this week Cosmo booked KJ's flights to Baltimore.  She'll be gone almost 3 full weeks this summer.  She will spend some time with him in Baltimore, some time with my parents and brother in PA and she'll also attend Penn State Volleyball camp this summer.  When she comes home from PSU camp, she'll attend UAB Volleyball camp with her 8th grade middle school team.  Just need to keep that kid busy and out of trouble and we'll be just fine. 

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