Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Cos Fam is On the Move !!!

This family doesn't sit still, I swear!  KJ barely unpacked from Cincinnati and turned around and flew out to Baltimore last night, hit DC running this morning and tomorrow she'll be nestled in Happy Valley at volleyball camp. 

She had a fairly non-eventful flight last night.  It was delayed about 20 minutes but no big deal. We sat at the gate and laughed because she said she felt like one of those kids from a divorced family who is visiting her dad for two weeks in the summer.  So weird to put watch her board the plane by herself.  She and Cosmo went to Annapolis last night for dinner at Buddy's.  We used to go there ALL the time with T-bone when she was little.  It's located right on Ego Alley and we used to watch the boats come in.  Today they went into DC and toured some monuments, went to the Museum of Natural History, had lunch in Georgetown and went to Georgetown Cupcake for dessert.  She can now cross it off her bucket list.  Cosmo said the line wasn't too bad, about 45 minutes. 

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