Sunday, June 2, 2013

Living it Up

Time to start thinking about living rooms.  Since we don't have a formal living room in this house, our family room / great room / living room is on the casual side because it's our every day room.  I love being in this room in the late afternoons, the light is amazing.  I also like being in this room on a great rainy day.  I love our big comfy sectional and we've made a lot of great memories playing games on the coffee table, snuggling on the couch when the girls were little, and our great big sectional fits so many friends!  Sadly though, the couch is showing is age and has a lot of wear and tear. 

My dream room would be all white, shabby chic, girly-girl glam but let's face it folks.  I am married to a big burly manly-man and he would look ridiculous in a room like this.  And I have a dog.  And two kids.  And while I know everyone on HGTV talks about how amazing white slip covers are, I just don't think they would be practical in my house.  Maybe when KJ is grown and out of the house! 

So I'm probably looking at something a little more updated, a little more functional. A little more durable.  I'm thinking a combination of upholstered pieces mixed in with some vintage accent pieces.  I love burlap.  I love chippy things, I love pieces that have a story to them.  I love personal photos.  I love items that we've collected from various travels and evoke special memories.  I like soothing colors.  I like a French flea market look.  IDK exactly what you'd call my style  -- maybe more eclectic?  relaxed traditional?  modern vintage? 
Love a big comfy sectional!

I love the pops of color in this room; that chandelier is to die for!!!

Love the colors and accessories in this room and striped window coverings but we've outgrown the need for a cute chalkboard

I seem to gravitate toward greens. 

Um, a little "too" white, not enough shabby
Whoa!  I could do this!
And probably something like this but a little slightly less "rustic" (maybe a little less wood?)
the layout of this room is very similar to our family room set-up  -- open doorway leading to kitchen, fireplace on one wall and windows on the other -- not a lot of wall space!  and it's green!

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