Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beer Can Chicken

No secret I absolutely positively hate to cook.  Love to entertain, hate to cook every night.  When we lived in Hoover, we were busy running from dance to softball to lacrosse (2 daughters and a hubby!), football games, basketball games, dance competitions, etc.  By the time I walked in the door from work, I had to turn around and either get someone to practice or pick them up from somewhere. 

Since we moved to MD, I have cooked almost every single night which is a rarity for me. I've done a little menu planning (nothing major, more like walking into the grocery store with a well thought out list in my hand).  Other than Uncle Julio's last week, we've gotten Chinese food one or two nights and a pizza once.  Not bad considering we probably ate out 3 or 4 nights a week when we lived in Alabama due to our busy schedules. 

Last week I made "Beer Can Chicken."  And Cosmo and KJ lost their minds.  It was super easy and positively delicious.  They are still talking about it and last night I overheard KJ telling T:  "OMG!  Mom made this stuff the other night.  It was called Beer Can Chicken...."  Too funny. 

Disclaimer:  My recipe did not call for an actual can of beer and looked nothing like this.  I just think this photo is hilarious!

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