Friday, October 25, 2013

Restaurant Impossible

While Cosmo was in his corporate apartment he got hooked on the Food Network.  He likes watching shows like Chopped, Guys Grocery Games, Restaurant Stakeout, and Restaurant Impossible.  And now he's got me hooked.

I really like Restaurant Impossible.  I love how they come in, update the décor of the restaurant, give it a fresh new look and fix the menu. Sometimes it's hard to watch.  The other night we watched an episode that took place in PA.  The guy had ZERO restaurant experience and was losing money left and right.  It was a very emotional episode and I felt terrible for him.  However, the other day we watched an episode that took place in TN and the owner was an arrogant ass and the place was filthy.  Absolutely disgusting and food was being stored incorrectly.  I've worked in two hotels and fortunately both chefs have been insane when it comes to the cleanliness of their kitchen.  The episode that took place in St. Louis was also sad.  They had some employees steal from them and their finances where a disaster.  Interestingly, the common denominator in all these episodes was lack of leadership from the owners. 

Whether it's a restaurant, a shop or some type of service, being a small business owner is hard and takes a lot of time and dedication.   Looking back, Cosmo and I always laugh at how clueless he was when he first opened up the lax store.  We had no idea about scheduling employees, keeping track of stock, etc.  But, we started small, made improvements and just celebrated the 6th anniversary of the store. 

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