Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's In the Bag

Our week-long Annual Cos Family Extravaganza has begun!  Tomorrow is our 21st wedding Anniversary and our niece Britt's b-day, Saturday is Cosmo's b-day, Sunday is KJ's b-day, Monday is my Aunt's b-day and Tuesday is my mom's b-day.  Whew!  Cards, presents and fun galore! 

Sunday we have tickets to the Ravens vs. Packers game compliments of our friend who is part of the Packers front office.  We actually met him when we lived in Cincinnati and he played for the Bengals.  He then went on to play for the Seahawks and has been a part of the Packers program for several years now. 

Unfortunately, Clay Matthews, T's favorite player, has a bum thumb and we won't get to see him in action on Sunday but please enjoy the following: or and on Ellen:

It is my understanding that if I'm to bring a bag into the stadium, it's got to be a clear bag.  Seriously??  I don't know if this is a NFL-wide thing or if this policy is specific to M&T Bank stadium.  In any event.  I'm not happy.  #1 I'm not thrilled about everyone being able to see everything I own -- my wallet, my car keys, personal items, etc.  In all honesty, I never have much cash in my purse and my wallet is actually worth more than the cash inside.  #2 if I decide not to bring a see-through bag then I'm forced to leave my belongings in the car.  Um, no.  #3 I can bring in a gallon-size Ziploc baggie.  Wow.  That's super classy.  #4, I have an expensive camera and some great lenses.  I'm not going to carry it around in a Ziploc baggie.  #5, I don't know about you but I always get stuck carrying everyone else's stuff.  It's not all going to fit in a stupid baggie.  #6, Ziploc baggies don't have handles.  What am I supposed to do with this Ziploc bag during the game?  Put it on the ground under my seat?  Is it just me or does this come across as not very female fan friendly?

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