Friday, October 18, 2013

Couldn't be Happier!

Got a surprise call from my aunt and uncle late last night.  They were in DC visiting my cousin Al and wanted to come over this morning for a visit.  They brought bagels and donuts and we had a nice visit!  I hadn't seen them since Christmas last year.  This is exactly the kind of stuff we moved home for!  Cosmo and KJ are heading to VT this weekend for Alumni Weekend and a lacrosse memorial game for one of Cosmo's teammates/friend who passed away way too early.  They spent last night at my mother-in-laws and this morning they had breakfast with Lynn, Lisa and the twins before everyone headed out for the day. 

Last weekend KJ and Cosmo made a quick trip to Bham to take care of a few things at the store and at the house.  KJ had a good time catching up with friends over the weekend.  Friday she spent the night with Mo and Saturday night she spent the night w/ the Twins.  A bunch of them went to Sloss Furnace Saturday night and had a frightfully good time.  They had such a good time, KJ actually lost one of her shoes because she was running for her life and had to go back thru the Zombies and find her shoe! 

We were so, so worried about moving/relocating during her 8th grade year but in retrospect we made the right decision.  Last night, out of the blue, KJ said she misses her friends from Hoover but she really likes Maryland.  She said she loves our house and she loves always having something exciting to do.  She luvs, luvs, luvs her school but the only thing she'd change if she could is the start time.  She'd prefer school to start around noon.  That's my girl!!! 

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