Saturday, October 19, 2013


We watch the show "American Pickers" and really enjoy the way haggle and barter with the people they come in contact with while they're out pickin'.  They also seem very knowledge about a lot of subjects -- vintage toys, motorcycles, automobiles, history, etc. 

I've started watching a show called "Picker Sisters" the last couple of days and while the "American Pickers" pick for items they personally like and items they think their customers may like, the "Picker Sisters" are looking specifically for vintage, rusted junk to re-purpose for their furniture store in Los Angeles.  I don't think these two are actual sisters.  I think they are friends and partners in their store. 

I also like the HGTV show "Junk Gypsies" based out of Texas.  These two are actually sisters and their parents and other family members help out, too.  They also designed the reception for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert and the theme was kind of redneck rock 'n roll.


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