Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bunch of Sickos in my House

For real. Kendall said her stomach was bothering her this morning and since I had to work today, Chris stayed home w/ her (which was probably a good thing because he's all congested and really stuffed up -- allergies, perhaps?). Poor guy. He's mowing the front yard as I type. I'm sure that's really going to help his congestion.

Here are a couple pics of my babies that I'm always talking about. Unfortunately today was another not-so-great day at pre-school. JuJu was out sick and Meredith was a no show (she is so damn cute it's not even funny!). We still have a couple of children that are having a hard time settling in. They still fuss over mama. It was beautiful here today so we played on the playground as long as we could. :

My luva-boy sent me a beautiful autumnal bouquet for our 15th anniversary . . . zinnias, wheat stalks, raffia around the vase and river rocks at the bottom. He sent it early so I wouldn't be waiting around tomorrow wondering where the heck my flowers are! I'm not a very patient person and it's cool that Chris recognizes this.

Big Bumpus football game Thursday vs. Simmons. T wants us to go to the game, not sure I want to spend my 15th wedding anniversary w/ thousands of screaming football fans. Friday is Hoover's big game vs. Vestavia. If Hoover plays the way they have the last couple of games, they're going to be in big trouble against Vestavia.

Taylor went to the mall Monday afternoon w/ friends and bought a $310 dress @ Belk's for $10. She's going to wear it for Halloween and be a prom queen.

"Few people know that they have the power to bless life. We bless the life in each other far more than we realize. Many simple, ordinary things that we do can affect those around us in profound ways." -- Rachel Naomi Remen

"You will never know the real meaning of love until you embrace it." -- submitted by Shanell

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Unknown said...

babies are too cute! am loving the prom queen idea! what fun. hope kendall and chris are feeling better soon and you better come to the bumpus game, we have to sing at least once this year, "go bumpus, go bumpus, go bumpus" lol.

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