Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not much going on today. T had PowderPuff practice this afternoon. Big game tomorrow. She's the Safety for the Green team. I don't care if it's chilly tomorrow, I just don't want it to rain while I'm siting in the stands. We drove all over Hoover tonight looking for Pink socks to wear w/ the Green shirt. Whatever.

Kendall has her Fall Festival @ school tomorrow, too. Chris & I will have to help park cars thru out the afternoon. Again, don't care if it's chilly, I just don't want to be standing out there in the rain directing cars.

On a more serious note, my little Godson, Zachary, is in Children's Hospital tonight in Cincinnati. Poor little guy. I spoke to Lisa earlier in the week, she said she he had been home sick. From what I gathered from her e-mail, he started vomiting really bad and had a rough time breathing. I sounds like he was in and out of ICU and is in a regular room for the night. Sleep tight little fella, feel betta. XOXO

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*Yankee Belle* said...

Lol - although lil B is only 2, I know all too well already about driving around town in search of things! Hope ur Godson gets to feeling better! Where in NY are you from? Queens here. =)

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