Thursday, October 18, 2007

Semi-Back to Normal

Chris is going to the Prattville Vs. Millbrook football game tomorrow night w/ Randy & Greg to see one of their lax players, Brye. GOOOOO BRYE!!!

Report cards came home today. Kendall rec'd all "S's" which we tell her means, Stinky, Silly, Sloppy, Snobby, Snooty, Sad, etc.
KJ went to school today after being out Tuesday & Wednesday. She went to the symphony as a class trip and said she enjoyed it.

T did not have rehearsal after school today because they performed twice at school: once for elementary school kids and once for the school. Friday & Saturday evenings is for Parents and other esteemed guests. Tonight she babysat for the little girl down the road, Cameron. They watched Nemo & Cinderella.

Chris & I had our day in small claims court and all I can say, "I fought the law, and the Mama won."

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