Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gorgeous Sunday

We didn't go to the Hoover vs. Homewood game Friday night but we heard thru the grapevine Justin had 2 interceptions! Great job Justin!
Last night Kendall's friend Evvy slept over. They get along really great. Althought I told them to go to bed @ 10:30 PM, Kendall told me they were up kind of late last night. We didn't make it to church; everyone just slept in. Molly slept over, too. She came over when Taylor got home from Buffalo Wild Wings w/ the rest of the cast. Troy came over last night (but no, he didn't sleep over) to watch the Auburn game. Chris put a couple of TV's on the back deck and they sit out there and watch the games.

T is @ the official cast party, KJ is playing w/ Clare and Chris is playing for Alabama in their Alumni game. They never have enough plays so Chris and a couple of other Magic City guys fill in. He'll go right to Fall Ball from Tuscaloosa. I would have liked to have gone to the Alabama game w/ him, it would be a gorgeous day take pics of the game and walk around campus.

T is playing in her middle school's "PowderPuff" football game Friday. The girls play football and the boys cheer. She's been looking forward to this since 6th grade. Should be a hoot! Can't wait to see some of the boys in cheer uniforms. I know the girls have a couple of practices before the big game, not sure if the boys have cheer practice or not! ha! ha!

So, I've been 40 for what? A whole month now? WTF is up w/ my skin??? I'm breaking out like a 15 year old! Stress? Hormones? Environmental factors? I'm going crazy!!! P.S. My finger still hurts, too!

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