Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Doctor Visit

"The gift, to be true, must be the flowing of the giver unto me, correspondent to my flowing unto him." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Got the "all clear" from the breast surgeon today. Mammos on both boobs came back just fine and she has released me to the care of my regular doctor. Yay!

What a beautiful, rainy, gloomy, gray day. It's nice and chilly and it's the kind of day to just snuggle on the couch w/ a good book. My favorite kind of day. I have candles lit all over the house and T and I are just chilling. She's supposed to be cleaning her room but I have the sneaky suspicion she's playing Wii.

Met Chris for lunch after my appointments at a new place called Chipolte Grill. Please frequent this establishment if you can. I asked the manager for gift cards for the silent auction basket @ KJ's elementary school this Friday and he just handed them over to me w/ out any questions. I had a really good salad w/ beans, salsa, chicken, etc. and Chris had some kind of burrito.

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Heather said...

OMG!!!!!!! I fell in love with Chipotle when I was still in MD. I told Stephen to try it and he got hooked. Then I think he took Uncle Ed. Isn't it fantastic!!!?? Unfortunately, I have to travel to get to one. The last Chipotle I ate at was in Colorado. Luckily, there is one in Columbus, OH so I don't have to go quite as far. Of all the restaurants I miss from MD, Chipotle is one of the top three. (Red, Hot, and Blue and this great College Park diner are the other two.)

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