Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy B-day KJ!

"Like butterflies, little girls need no excuse."

"A daughter is love."

"A girl is a bundle of sweetness and brightness and fun, the beauty of springtime, the warmth of the sun."

Today's is Kendall's 8th birthday. The original plan was to go to her 9 AM football game and then leave for ATL and the American Girl store. Well, once she opened up her Wii, she decided we can go to ALT any time and she wanted to stay home after her game and play her Wii. I am SO glad! We are all so pooped! Last night we had a bunch of friends over for Chris's b-day (yes, he was fairly surprised). Some went on to the Hoover game, some stayed behind at our house to watch it on TV. We had a wonderful time and it was so good to see everyone! The weather was great, some folks ate outside and the kids ran around. We always say, "we need to do this more often" but truly, we have such good friends and neighbors we REALLY do need to get together more often. I love have people over on a really casual basis and it's a great excuse for me to get my house in order.

"Girls talk too much." -- Peter Pan

"The perfect shoes can change your life." -- Cinderella

So today we're just going to hang out, play Wii (or as Kendall calls it "wee-wee") and watch college football. Tomorrow we'll get up early and head to 6 Flags. Should be really great weather!

"Divas are not made, they're born."

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Unknown said...

Hi. I love it!! I was bummed we had to leave so soon. We did make it to the game and it was fun. It was fun seeing people at your house too. your house looked great!

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