Friday, February 13, 2009

Abe vs. Barack

I am thoroughly appalled at the constant comparisons between Honest Abe Lincoln and our current President of less than a month, Barack Hussein Obama. You're kidding me, right? Last night the girls & I had dinner @ Salvatore's before their dance class and they had a couple of TV's going. Usually they have ESPN on but last night they had CNN or one of the other news networks. They were airing a special on BHO and Abe. Honestly, I was a little in shock. How can you seriously, with journalistic integrity, compare a man who can't even fill his own cabinet to a man who led this country out of it's darkest days as a nation? The Civil War vs. politicians who can't even pay their own taxes? I truly don't think one president should be compared to another; each president is elected for different reasons. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

So I guess Spring has sprung here in the Southeast. I've noticed several daffodils blooming in my neighbor's yards. We don't have any. I think one year, when we first move here, we planted daffodils and tulips. I think we planted the bulbs upside down or something because they never bloomed. I do not have a green thumb and I really don't like dirt under my fingernails.

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