Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My toes are SO cold

I have a short-sleeve t-shirt on w/ my pj pants this morning and I'm quite comfortable. The only thing is my feet! My toes are so cold! I have socks on but my feet are bitter cold. I think it's only supposed to be barely above freezing today. Fun! It was so cold last night Chris cut his lax practice short. He usually practices until 8 PM, he was HOME by 8 PM. T is supposed to have lax practice tonight, too.
I hate this time of year. I looked in my closet yesterday and was so disgusted w/ my clothes. I'm so bored w/ everything already but it's too early to even start thinking about spring/summer clothes. Plus my skin is so dry and itchy. My hands and my legs are so dry I can't stand it.

Chris has been talking about going skiing for spring break instead of going to the beach. His way of thinking is that we can go to the beach anytime. He's been working so much lately, he wants to have a nice family vacation and do something unusual. T is getting older and there's not going to be too many more family vacations she's going to want to attend. KJ is all for the ski trip and is DYING to learn how to ski/snowboard. She (and Chris) want to go ice skating, sled riding and have hot chocolate by a big roaring fire. T says no way. She said Spring break = beach. No questions about it.
Today is "National Signing Day" and although Justin did not accept a lacrosse scholarship, he called last night and asked Chris to come to the high school when he signs his letter of intent to Samford. Very cool! This is the kind of stuff Chris lives for!

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