Thursday, February 12, 2009

Octo Mom

Yay! The sun is out! Yesterday's winds and rain were just plain crazy! Sounded like my house was going to blow away.

Lacrosse was cancelled last night due to the weather. Thought we were going to have a nice family dinner for a change but then Chris remembered he had a BYLL board meeting. Poor guy is killing himself this season -- the store's been really busy, he's busy w/ his "regular" job, we've been busy w/ the girls' activities, stuff to do around the house, etc. I don't think we'll have another "free" weekend until school lets out in May.

So by now everyone's heard about the mom who gave birth to Octuplets AND had 6 other kids at home (3 of which are disabled). I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole situation. Having gone thru the infertility process myself, I understand why 8 eggs were fertilized and implanted, I guess I just don't understand why a single mom of 6 would WANT to have more kids? Don't get me wrong, I love kids and wish we had one or two more but Chris & I are certainly in a different position than this woman (BTW, I'm not implying that a woman has to be married to have children. I know several women who are single mom's by choice). Last night on CNN or FoxNews they had sevearal "experts" discussing this topic. The one lady was a psychologist from California and she was not very happy at the idea of her tax dollars going to feed and clothe this family. Another woman was a family lawyer and she said we all need to just butt out and let this woman raise her family. Unless the children are in imminent danger and are being abused, Child Protective Service will not get involved. She also pointed out that years ago it was not uncommon for women to give birth to 10+ children. The host of the show pointed out that back then, families and communities were much closer knit than they are now (true -- growing up, I could walk from one grandparent's house to another's and also walk to 2 Aunts & Uncle's in NJ). Now, Octo-Mom is being critized for having a website seeking donations. She just can't win. Honestly, is what she's doing any different from Jon & Kate? They already had their hands full w/ twins. Did they really need try to another child? They have book deals, a TV show, make personal apperances, etc. They have certainly "cashed in" on their fame and their family, why shouldn't she? Is she getting so much criticisim because she's unmarried? Now, there's a lot of debate about her looks. Has she had plastic surgery and Is she trying to emulate Angelina Jolie and all those Jolie-Pitt kids? Is Octo-Mom one of those women who has to be the center of attention? A media whore so to speak?? Only time will tell.

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