Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow! Is it tuesday already?

I haven't blogged in almost a week. What's up w/ that?

Been pretty busy around here. Friday night was the Sadie Hawkins dance. T went w/ some friends and had a good time. They went out for dinner and then on to the dance and then back to Sara's to hang out for a little while. T said the dance itself was a little lame. I think she likes the dress shopping and socialization aspect more than the actual dances. She likes to plan what group she's going with, where there going for dinner and where they're going afterward.
While T was @ Sadie Hawkins, Chris had a Hawks night @ the lax store. KJ & I got up there around 7 PM and it sounds like the store was busy. Lots of little boys running around. Chris fires up the popcorn machine and offers refreshments.
Saturday morning T had her regular dance class and then she stayed afterward for a class designed to help w/ upcoming dance team auditions. Katie's mom picked her up for me, took her to lunch and then dropped her off @ Pelham HS for rehearsal. The dance team was participating in "Every Heart Beat" which is a dance showcase sponsored by Liz Cochran (the current Miss Hoover) as part of her pageant platform. After I got KJ ready for the Father/Daughter Sweetheart dance, T & I headed to the program. It was pretty good. A little longer than I had anticipated but still pretty good. Several dance teams from various high schools and a couple of dance studios participated. There was a lot of talent on the stage that night. The Pantherettes were really good. Very original choreography.
Chris & KJ had a good time @ the dance. This was Chris's 10th consecutive Father/Daughter Sweetheart dance. After the dance they went to Johnny Rockets for milkshakes. He's been doing that since T was little.
Saturday & Sunday Chris had a couple of former Duke lacrosse players come in for a 2-day clinic at the High School. I think he said one of the guys had just graduated last year and I'm pretty sure all of them are currently playing lacrosse in the MLL. The guys flew in Friday night and were up at the store early Saturday morning for a "meet & greet." Anyway, Chris really lucked out. The weather was absolutely spectacular both days. The News had an article and a couple of photos in Monday's paper.

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J said...

I thought I was going to have to call (geez) & make sure you were alive! Chris is a trooper...I'm pretty sure Keg is happy he's not going anymore. Sweathog!

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