Friday, February 20, 2009

Let Me Eat Cake

Came across this photo of an Eiffel Tower cake. Looks delicious so I thought I would use the Eiffel Tower cake as my main photo and dedicate today's post to cakes. I like the Eiffel tower cake because it looks very "spring-y." The weather here has been horrible so I guess I have spring on my mind. We've had rain this week, freezing cold, tornado warnings, etc. Blech. My toes have been cold for days. Today, however, the sun is trying to come out. Still a little chilly out though.

Exciting stuff this week: Trixie ran away from me on Wednesday. I thought she was a goner for sure. I opened the back door to let her out and went back inside to get some shoes. When I walked out onto the back deck, she was no where to be found. Great. Just freakin' great! KJ is absolutely totally paranoid about the dog as it is and now she's disappeard on my watch. I called Chris in a total tizzy (he was in a meeting in Tuscaloosa, not much he could really do). I left the back door open in case she came home, got in the car and drove around the neighborhood screaming Trixie's name and shaking her treat jar (she likes that). Nothing. I call Chris again. At this point I'm close to physchotic. I hang up with Chris and there she is, sniffing my flip-flops. Whew!!! I was not looking forward to telling KJ I lost her dog while she was at school.

Last night JV had a scrimmage game against Mt.Brook's JV. Very, very exciting game. Considering most of the team is first year players, they played awesome. There was some great passing and some good plays. Nick W did a great job in the goal and I think Trent M and Graham M each had a goal (one of them was the game tying goal, one of them was the game winning goal). Despite the freezing cold, the game went into double-overtime and we ended up winning 3-2. It was so cold last night, KJ sat in the stands in her "snuggie." Opening day is Sunday @ Old Berry Middle School. I hope to God it's sunny out.

T has her first lax game next Wednesday night. Tuesday she's marching in a Mardi Gras parade and Thursday is a mandatory Buccannettes meeting. Monday is a course selection meeting @ the HS. Next week is done before it even started.

Tonight the girls are spending the night at the dance studio for it's annual sleep-over. T was asked to help out w/ the little girls and KJ is attending for the first time. I think Chris & I were in Cabo last year so she didn't get to go. KJ got her ballet recital costume this week. Very pink. It's cute w/ a Japanese theme (long flowing sleeves). Her ballet recital song is Reflections from the Disney movie Mulan. Now she just needs her tap and jazz costumes. I think the tap song is from 42nd Street and the jazz song is Car Wash. T hasn't gotten any of her costumes yet. Both girls need new shoes -- jazz, tap & ballet -- and new leotards and tights. It never ends.


J said...

OMG Val...Please get a chip put in that dog. Can you put GPS in her too?

Valerie said...

We did micro-chip her; I think she needs a lojack or something! she loves to be outside; I just don't have the money right now for an electric fence and I certainly can't sit outside w/ her all day.
She's rotten I tell ya! Just like my kids! hahaha

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Love the cakes!!!

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