Saturday, November 13, 2010

hate to cook but love to entertain, why is that?

I hate to cook. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I can NOT stand cooking dinner day in and day out. Especially when we're on the go and it has to be something quick. Hubby's picky and only likes certain vegetables, daughter #2 doesn't like lasagna or baked ziti (gasp!). Daughter #1 LOVES read meat. I'm the only one who really likes salads but I don't like my vegetables cooked. I only like raw veggies and I'm not a chicken fan.

Having said that, I love to entertain and LOVE to have people over. And, I do like to cook when I have the time. When I'm not rushed and all my chicks are in the nest and we have a nice family day and everyone likes what I make. In other words, the conditions have to be just right and the moon and the stars have to be in perfect alignment.

Today I've had pulled pork in the crockpot all day and the house smells incredible. It's such a great easy recipe and one of those things were you just throw a bunch of weird stuff in the crockpot and it turns out delicious! I also got really ambitious and made a New Orleans Best Dessert Ever (a pecan mixture crust, vanilla ice cream and a fudge topping). Champ put one of the smaller TV's out on the deck and he & KJ have been watching some football out there in between removing the rest of her wallpaper, spackling and priming. T has had 5 or 6 hours of lacrosse today and I'm sure her knees are screaming between that and yesterday's pep rally and last night's game.

Started doing my Thanksgiving dinner shopping and have started thinking about decorating the house for Christmas. Every year I try to mix things up a bit and I came across these incredible Christmas dishes by Vietri. If I didn't already have complete service for 12 and every serving piece ever made in my pattern, I'd be all over these dishes. Totally my style!

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