Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Quote of the Day: "The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them up." -- Dorothy Day

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. As I always say, I love having "all my chicks in the nest." Even though Cosmo is not a "chick" I'm talking about him, too when I say that.

This year's turkey was magnificent. I think each year just keeps getting better and better. Everything was timed PERFECTLY and the girls were a big help. KJ washed the potatoes and T peeled them and then KJ mashed them. The crescent rolls were in the oven while Cosmo was carving and our dutch apple pie was baking while we were eating. Just a wonderful, very relaxing day.

Today I plan to take down all my Thanksgiving decorations, wash everything, move furniture around, clean, etc. and then Saturday & Sunday I'll decorate for Christmas. KJ & Cosmo are going to ATL for a lax tournament (duh. I mean really. What else would he be doing on a weekend???) so T will be hope to help (although she doesn't know it yet!). She's up at the lax store working w/ Cosmo today and then has to get ready for tonight's game.

In case you've been living under a rock, or don't live in the state of Alabama, today is the big Iron Bowl match-up. I'd really like to see Alabama beat them this year. Although we don't necessarily dislike Auburn, I'd like to quiet some of the Auburn fans this year. After the Alabama/Auburn game we'll be heading to the Met for the Hoover vs. Mt Brook game. Round 3 of high school state championships.

T went to Natalie's services on Wednesday and came home positively drained....emotionally and physically. She thought she could handle it alone and sat with her girlfriends from the dance studio (we jokingly refer to them as the Dance Mafia). She called me afterward and said, "Mom, I'm just cried out. I don't think I have any more tears in me."

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