Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday's gonna come fast and hard

Tomorrow is going to hit me like a ton of bricks. I've had the most wonderful 5 days off and can totally get used to working a 2-day work week. Don't get me wrong, I luv, luv, luv my job but it was very very nice being home.

T usually attends lax tournaments w/ Champ but this week was KJ's turn. We switched kids so to speak and I got in some quality time w/ T which is very rare. The poor kid literally hit the ground running this week and has a crazy couple of days. She flew to FL w/ Cosmo last Friday and played a bunch of games in Naples on Saturday and Sunday. She heard about Natalie's accident at the airport on Monday and went straight to the studio Monday night. Tuesday she spent the day collecting photos from friends and made a couple of collages to take to Natalie's service on Wednesday. Wednesday she was at the church a couple of hours before the service and afterward she & Caroline went out for a bite to eat. Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday morning she worked at the lax store for the better half of the day and watched some of the Iron Bowl with friends before heading to the Met for the Hoover vs. Mt Brook game.

Yesterday we did a little shopping, had a late lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, did some more shopping and then she went out with her friend James for the evening. He always calls her when he comes home from college. The mall was positively PACKED and the shoe department at Belks looked like a BOMB went off. It was a disaster area. Shoes every where, boxes every where. Whew. I would not like to clean up that mess! T bought a hot pair of brown booties at Belk, a sweater and handbag from Francesca's and a cardigan and scarf from Aeropostle. I also bought my nephew some Star Wars Lego stuff and T & I had so much fun in the Lego store. Our store clerk was waaaaaayyy too into his job and was really goofy.

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