Friday, November 19, 2010


Bunch of hoopla this week about the TSA, body scans, searches, etc. On Saturday, a would-be passenger refused a body pat-down with the now infamous phrase: "if you touch my junk I'm going to have you arrested." Also in the news recently, a 3 or 4 year old little girl set off the alarms twice at security checkpoint this week. I forgot which airport but Hoda & Kathie Lee talked about it this week. I guess the pa-down got a little aggressive and they (Hoda & Kathie Lee) mentioned something about her stuffed animals being molested.

That story reminded me of the time we were traveling home to Bham from our niece's wedding in NY. KJ was still in pre-school; it was the April before she started kindergarten. T must have been 6 or 7th grade. Anyway, she's had this stuff dog named Biscuit since was a toddler. My friend Carol bought it for her and Biscuit has gone EVERYWHERE with us. So, the four of us, the typical All-American family, are going thru the security check at JFK. Seriously, I think we were the only ones on line who spoke English. We were surrounded by foreigners. It's JFfreakin'K. Guess which travelers get cherry-picked for a pat-down? Yup. TSA pulled the four of us off the line, went through all our bags, the girls backpacks, everything and did a body search. KJ got very, very upset. They were actually prodding Biscuit and at one point I really thought they were going to cut him open right in front of us. KJ started crying "they're hurting him!!!" Honestly, when we were finally buckled in our seats on the plane, I told Cosmo that Biscuit totally got violated.

As a side note: To avoid a MAJOR melt-down in case Biscuit was ever misplaced or God forbid, STOLEN, I purchased a duplicate dog years and years ago. It's hidden in a ziploc baggy in my closet perfectly preserved. Recently at a friend's baby shower we were discussing "loveys" and what to do if they get lost or raggedy. I mentioned the duplicate Biscuit. T was shocked at this revelation and had no idea I was so duplicitous. hahaha

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*Yankee Belle* said...

Back in 2005 during my baby shower, my hubby finally admitted to his then 16 yo sister that her lovey had once been lost, but quickly replaced. And to make the 'new' lovey look authentic, he ran over it with the car a few times and put mud on it. Their mom was in on it too. The confession is on video and her face....PRICELESS.

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