Thursday, November 11, 2010

I heart My Daughters

I love my two daughters. I truly do. I am so proud of them, particularly daughter #1. She was in an uncomfortable situation recently and rose above the drama and acted like a poised, confident young woman. They are both at such fun ages, we have a lot of laughs, a lot of silly goodness. A lot of heart-to-heart talks. I'm not trying to be one of those mom's who wants to be her kid's friend but they know they can tell me anything. I may not always like what they have to say, but I will always listen.

T & I have this "thing" where we text each other random quotes throughout the day. Sometimes they are historical, sometimes they are inspirational. Sometimes it's words to a song, sometimes it's a line from a movie. It's just our "thing." The other day I saw the funniest quote I think I've ever seen and still get a little giggle when I think about it. I know this isn't very "PC" but please don't hold it against me....."Sometimes your knight in shining armor is really just a retard in aluminum foil."
To follow is an actual text message convo between me and daughter #2:
KJ: "Mom!! Snooki died!"
Me: "What???!!!"
KJ: "You know! Snooki my fish"
Me: "I didn't realized you had fish named Snooki"
KJ: "Yeah, she had a big black fin and always hit the glass like she was drunk so I named her Snooki."
Seriously. I love my daughters.

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