Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reality Bites

I think I have a problem. Last night I realized I am addicted to reality TV and the History channel. I was scrolling thru my recorded shows on our Uverse (which has taken me a while to get used to; thousands of channels!) and 50% of the shows I watch are reality. I don't like shows about finding love (i.e., the Bachelor/Bachelorette) but I watch ALL of the Real Housewives shows . . . Atlanta (I just want NeNe to get her "happy" back), NY, Bev Hills (not my fave), NJ (quite possibly my fave), OC and DC. I like Brett Michaels' new show (but never really liked the Rock of Love shows; can you say "ew??") and I enjoy Football Wives (I think it's on VH1; it's about the wives of some of the Dallas Cowboys) and I also like Making the Team (Squad?) on CMT (it's about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). I also like Amazing Race. We used to religiously watch Survivor but not so much lately. Sometimes I catch Dancing w/ the Stars but not addicted and don't even record it. On the other hand, I guess I balance out the reality crap with some History channel for my brain.

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