Sunday, November 14, 2010


The town/city of Auburn is interested in starting a youth lacrosse league. A couple of months ago a group of parents got together, contacted Champ and asked if he would help get things started. So, today he & T are headed to Auburn to do a mini-lacrosse clinic. I don't think T was originally planning to go but last night the parent heading things up mentioned they expect a bunch of little girls. I think they are going to have a good turn-out. Mr. French also called Champ yesterday and said he heard about the clinic even though they live in Montgomery and he was going to bring the last of the French kids . . . 5 boys, all named w/ B's. Brye, Blake & Brayden all played at Hoover.

Poor Cosmo. The last words he said to me as he was walking out the door were: "I think the worst thing that could ever happened to me would be if I had a massive heart attack today and died on the turf at Auburn." I know he's semi-kidding (he doesn't hate Auburn by any means, he's actually a BIG Cam Newton supporter; he's "just not that into" Auburn. They're just not his "team."). I know many men (and some women!) who would "love" to die on the field at Jordan-Hare, however my husband is not one of them. On the ice at Madison Square Garden during a Rangers game, yes. In the end-zone of the new Jets stadium, for sure. On the lacrosse field, no doubt. Auburn, eh, not so much.

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