Monday, October 10, 2011

Elf on a Shelf

The other day someone posted some really funny Elf on a Shelf pics on Pinterest. Of course, I had to create a separate "Elf on a Shelf" board and re-pin them. KJ's Elves do silly things to and I found it funny to see what other Elves are up to.

I can't remember exactly what grade KJ was in when the whole Elf on a Shelf craze hit but my friend Margaret and I had the hardest time finding those damn Elves! We both improvised and unfortunately, KJ's Elf looks kind of slutty. She's a female Elf and has green sparkly knee-high boots, lots of 80's aqua net hair and a shiny, sparkly red cropped jacket that is removable. At some point during the height of the Elf craze, a boy Elf moved in too. I swear. That girl Elf is a totally hussy.

KJ's Elves are very. very mischievous and do horrible things to KJ. They TP'd her older sister's room and she got in trouble for it, they smashed a bunch of make-up on the counter and wrote on her bathroom mirror in lipstick, they make HUGE messes when they eat and they torment the dog. We've woken up in the morning and found them hanging from the chandeliers after apparently guzzling a couple of Mountain Dews and a bunch of Snickers bars.

I am not looking foward to the Elves return this upcoming holiday season. Hopefully we've grown out of them but I think KJ secretly enjoys seeing what kind of wacky stuff we can come up with.

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