Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wildcard (as somewhat predicted)

This is one bad MamaJama

Well, last night a coach from one of the schools that T put in her "discard" pile called the house to talk to T about a visit (this is the school that doesn't have T's exact major but does have a similar program and some potential internship opportunities). I was pretty impressed. They talked for a long, long time and T has previously told this coach that she has concerns about their lack of her major. The coach is still very interested in T and really wants T to visit the campus and workout/practice with the team. She's offered to set an appointment for T to meet with the head of the department and set a career path in motion for T. The coach is very aware that T has a crazy fall schedule with dance team, lacrosse practices and other campus visits planned but she's being very persistent. Which is good. I like persistence.

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