Friday, October 7, 2011

So Much

Whew! Had so much going on the last couple of weeks and now I'm gearing up for our upcoming anniversary/birthday extravaganza!

KJ & I had a WONDERFUL time in PA for A&Z's wedding. Although the weather did not cooperate at all, I have to say, hands down, it was one of the best weddings I had ever been to! A's gown was beautiful, the bridesmaid's dress were gorgeous, the food was great and the band was rocking! It was so wonderful to see our family and we got to spend lots & lots of time w/ B&C. We were able to catch one of B's soccer games (he played great and scored 2 goals!). KJ had a blast on the 4-wheeler and totally tore up Pop's property and we had a great day walking around State College, shopping and being silly with the kids.

So, now the craziness really begins....Cosmo & I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary, Britt's b-day, Cosmo's b-day, KJ's b-day and my mother's b-day. Lots of celebratory dinners and lots of cake!

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