Monday, October 24, 2011

To Russia with Love

I love when Coach hears from former players. I hope he is the coach or the adult or the person that made a difference in someone's life somewhere along the road!

Dmitry Petrov was a foreign exchange student with the French family out of the Montgomery area. Montgomery didn't have a team so the 3 brothers drove to Hoover to play (Brye, Blake & Brayden). One practice, they dragged along Ditma. He couldn't speak a lick of English but was a good kid and practiced hard. There were definately some language barriers and in the beginning Coach usually just threw his hands in the air and let Ditma run around with the ball. Eventually things fell into place and he had a great season with the Hoover team and apparently took home a love of the game:

So, is "the fastest game on two feet" now the "fastest game in Russia???"

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