Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dreary Couple of Days

I guess the weather really does affect people's outlook. Yesterday almost every one in the office had on black or gray or a combination thereof.

I've got tons of laundry to do, tons of packing to do and I'm also trying to make a dent in my Christmas shopping. I can't believe we're almost to Thanksgiving and shortly after that is December 1! Thank God for on-line shopping (particularly Ebay and Etsy!). T has given me a couple of good ideas but so far KJ hasn't mentioned anything she wants or needs. She just got new cowboy boots for her birthday, she's got a fairly new phone, she's got a camera, she's got a flip video camera and she's got an iPod. Other than clothes, I don't think there is anything else she needs. T will need a laptop to take off to college but said she'd rather wait until her July birthday so it's the most current, up-to-date laptop on the market. And she definately doesn't want any dorm stuff just yet. Both girls luv, luv, luv gift cards but I feel like we did that for their birthdays.

Had a great meeting yesterday w/ T's college advisor. She suggested two great Communication schools that we hadn't thought of. T sat down last night and applied to one; need to think a little on the other one. Right now she's 3 for 3. Applied to 3, accepted at all 3. We'll see what happens. Quite honestly, I'm getting a little tired of it all and while I don't wish it was over because that would mean she's away at college, I just wish all this paperwork and other stuff would disappear.

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