Thursday, November 10, 2011

Go KJ !! Go KJ !!

Last night was travel volleyball "re-evaluations" and KJ found out she was bumped up to the "Power" squad. She's very, very excited but sad she won't be on the same team as some of her girlfriends. The website was updated last night after she went to bed and we totally busted her chops this morning. Cosmo & I were talking loudly and I said, "No! Don't tell her now! Let's wait until the weekend." He said, "no, the kids at school will be talking about it and I'd rather she hear it from one of us." Poor thing came in, sat on the edge of our bed and asked what was going on. Just to stretch it out even longer, Cosmo gave her a big speech about "I know how hard you worked for this and how badly you wanted it, blah, blah, blah" and I threw in "Well honey, what do you think you did wrong? What areas can you improve on???" She thought about it for a minute and said she does need to work on her spike (she can't get all that junk in her trunk off the ground). Then we told her the good news and she was very relieved. She really wants to play volleyball at the mdidle school level next year and I think this will help alot. She should get a lot of instruction and a lot of experience with the travel team.
Interesting dinner in our house last night. Nothing specatcular, just our usual taco night. The four of us were having a very in-depth convo regarding the Penn State situation and T admitted to me as we were cleaning up the kitchen that it really hit her tonight . . . this time next year she won't be around for taco night. She said she got choked up at dinner and started to cry a little and said she's going to miss our dinner conversations. Of course, I'll never let her live this down and once she goes off to college, I will remind her on a regular basis how much she misses us.

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