Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Extreme Christmas

What in the hell would you do if your neighbor decorated like this??? What an eyesore and major inconvenience. You know folks will be driving from miles around to look at these houses. Unless your entire neighborhood goes all out, you're screwed!

There's a neighborhood in PA near my parents called Candy Cane Lane and the entire neighborhood partiicipates . . . Christmas Carols blaring from strategically placed speakers, costumed characters handing out candy canes to each car, traffic control, etc. The neighborhood sits on a hill overlooking the river and you can see it for miles!,_Duboistown

Had to throw this photo in the mix. Cosmo's hair stand straight up when he first wakes up in the mornings. We always tell him he looks like the Heat Miser.

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! I'd be miserable with all those lights in my neighborhood.

We've got a candy cane lane here in Wisconsin as well, it's in Milwaukee (or well, specifically West Allis, a suburb) it's really cool :)

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