Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello Friday, my Old Friend!

Lots of football fun at work this week. Most of the staff seems to be Alabama fans, a couple of Auburn fans and a few LSU fans. We've all decorated our desks and today we are all wearing our "colors" (sounds very "LA Gang" doesn't it???). Since most of my Alabama shirts are more casual, I'm wearing black pants, a white v-neck sweater and a houndstooth scarf (I guess you could say that's my "OOTD"). My buddy Chuck is in head-to-toe purple and even has the little LSU logo sewn on the back of his jacket. Jill came into our morning meeting wearing an LSU helmet. It was pretty funny. One of the girls made a bunch of "Les Miles/More Saban" pins for us to wear and today is our weekly Friday group lunch. Of course this week's theme is a tailgate party (last week we did Halloween themed food). I made my famous chilli dip and brought in houndstooth napkins.

Lots of drama this week with a local football team and play-off eligibility. It was very confusing and the decision to let them play seemed to change daily. I feel bad for the seniors of the team involved but somewhere along the line, someone didn't do their job and verify a transfered student's eligibilty. I guess that's part of playing on a team. You win as a team, you lose/forfeit games as a team. All I know is our high school is playing tonight and has home field advantage.

November is starting off great! Pop turned 65 and the next day he had his follow-up cardiologist appointment (I can NOT believe we're almost at a year since the "Event"). Doctor B said everything looked great, my dad (and mom) have been keeping the weight off and have been eating very, very healthy and getting their exercise.

Cosmo has worked out everyone's FL schedules and made flights while I've handle the hotel end (natch). It will be very crazy but KJ is totally looking forward to some beach time! Whoop! Whoop!

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