Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Miscellaney

I am so disappointed with the current selection of books I've got on my Nook. I like a serious, saga that sweeps across continents and centuries. I need to find something like Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" or "Fall of Giants." Right now I've got a lot of quick, easy read chick lit. I need to find something a little meatier and hunker down. I like books that follow characters and their families for generations. I like the "City of ...." books by Beverly Swerling; they are a series of historical books about a New York City family. Yup. Definitely need reading suggestions.

Got my Thanksgiving decor completed. I've started some Christmas shopping. Everyone I shop for is pretty easy except Cosmo. He is just awful to buy for and I get very frustrated. He's got enough NY Jets stuff to last him a lifetime and the guy owns a lacrosse store so equipment/accessories/apparel are out of the question. And, on top of already being difficult to buy for, his b-day is in October, our wedding anniversary is in October and our "real" anniversary is in November. By the time Christmas rolls around, I'm fresh out of ideas for him.

Every one's been asking if T wants stuff for her dorm for Christmas but she said no. She wants to wait to see where she's going first and wants to decorate with her roommate. One thing she vehemently expressed is that she will NOT be having any of the cutesy, monogrammed, matchy-match stuff. She hated that stuff as a kid and will not have any of it in her dorm. Which just breaks LCM's heart. I know LCM wanted to buy T some cutesy, girlie, polka-dotted things.

This Pink & Green dorm room would be KJ's dream room / T's worst nightmare

Heartbreaking loss for Alabama last night. I was really into the first half and couldn't believe it was such a low scoring, tied up game at the half. Second half I started to read and barely watched any of the OT. Hope today's Jets game makes up for last night's Bama loss.

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