Monday, February 20, 2012

Beauty & The Beast

As always in our household, our weekend was a weird juxtaposition of beauty and brawn. Saturday was our high school's annual Senior Beauty Walk and on Sunday we sat in the freezing cold to cheer on the boys lacrosse team. I guess this is what keeps us grounded and balanced. Not too much girly stuff, not too much testosterone.

Saturday morning was the lacrosse team's annual pancake breakfast fundraiser. I love this fundraiser because the boys do all the work! They sell the tickets, they greet guests at the door, they serve everyone and they clean up afterward. It's a nice chance to visit with the parents and I love seeing friends and neighbors support the boys. Both JV & Varsity won on Sunday against a team from Tallahassee. Varsity's win was ugly but a win is a win.

T had to be downtown at the Alabama Theater by 9 AM Saturday for rehearsals so she stopped by the pancake breakfast to eat beforehand and spend some quality time w/ Cosmo. She came home from rehearsal, showered and had her hair appointment at 2 PM. She had to be back at the theater by 4 or 4:30 PM so she grabbed a bite to eat and was in the dressing room in plenty of time to do her make-up and get dressed. Meanwhile, I had gone out to an early dinner w/ friends and was supposed to be at the theater before Cosmo & KJ to save some seats. Well, 65N traffic was positively horrendous and I really started to panic. I thought I was never going to make it in time and when I finally pulled up to the theater, I threw the car in park and jumped out. My friend parked the car while I ran in to find some decent seats. Fortunately, Cosmo & KJ made it to the theater a few minutes before me and were able to get seats for all of us.

T had a wonderful experience at the Beauty Walk and said it was so much fun! She had been looking forward to this night since freshman year and I'm so glad she has the confidence to put herself out there. She said one of the best parts for her was the dressing room. There were 106 girls total. She was in the first 50 and they had smaller dressing rooms. The second group of 50 were in one big huge dressing room. T was in a dressing room with a couple of girls that she wasn't really friends with / or had been friends with in elementary/middle school and they went their separate ways as they got older. She said it was really nice to bond a little and talk. They helped each other with their gowns and one of the girls was really, really late due to all that traffic and they all pitched in and helped her get ready. T said she got to spend time with some girls that she ordinarily wouldn't hang out with and that was really nice. So I guess that's what Beauty Walk is all about! I like the Beauty Walk because it's not a popularity contest, the kids don't vote, the teacher's don't nominate anyone. It's truly the judges decision and I like when someone out of left field wins (and of course I love looking at all those gorgeous gowns!). T said this year's winner is a very nice, very sweet girl and everyone was very happy for her.

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