Friday, February 3, 2012

Pink Swap

I've got to post some photos but yesterday I received the sweetest Pink Swap from my new blogging buddy, Kristin @ On my way home from work I saw that she had tweeted at me that she received her package and when I walked in the front door, her package to me had arrived! That made it extra fun that both packages arrived on the same day!

What a sweetie! She must have visited my blog and read how much I love glitter and how much I love to decorate for Valentine's Day! So, so fun and I must say, great minds think alike! We both bought each other pink journals! Kristin also sent some yummy jelly beans, a fun planner and a beautiful pink crystal (I know just where to hang it so it will catch the most light -- my dining room chandelier!).

The Pink Swap was very fun (I really enjoyed shopping for a complete stranger! seriously! I checked out her blog, saw that she was a very busy mom of many and thought she would enjoy some pink girlie things when she had some quiet time!). A big thank you to Kappa Prep for organizing!


Kristin said...

This was so much fun and I hope you loved everything I sent like I did what you did! I am working on my post about it right now too! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Emily said...

Can't wait to get my Pink Swap package from my partner! So excited!

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