Sunday, February 5, 2012


Having problems uploading photos to my blog today. My laptop is jacked up so I'm on Cosmo's computer and he's got my files and stuff all over the place -- removable drives, flash drives, etc. I can't find anything!

Here is a sampling of the dining room decor this Valentine's Day. You may recognize the table runner from a previous post. Someone posted a photo of it on Pinterest and I immediately fell in love. When it came time to order it, the runner was on sale for $20 (normally $50-something). It was just meant to be!! The red champagne glasses I've had for years and years and the large red vase I bought two Christmas's ago for the family room mantle. The red salad/dessert plates I've had for years as well and drag them out for Christmas and 4th of July, too.

Here is a phoot of the sweet Valentine's Day decor I rec'd as part of my Pink Swap! It looks PERFECT in the kitchen on the baker's rack! The pink, red & white gourmet jellybeans are in a heart shaped dish on one of the end tables in the family room. Unfortunately, T has picked out all the red ones so all that's left are pink and white!
This is a photo of the kitchen table. It's actually been changed a bit since I took this photo. The big striped platter in the middle has been moved to the kitchen island and replaced with a big red heart-shaped bowl. The silver placemats were bought this past Christmas for the dining room snowflake theme over the holidays and I've had the red plates and pink napkins for years (I think the napkins were part of a set I rec'd as either a wedding gift or a shower gift along w/ some pink & white casual placemats). The rag garland in the background was an Etsy find from a couple of years ago.

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Kristin said...

I love that you decorate for each season....not just Christmas and Thanksgiving!! Very cute!!

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