Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Recap

I've never been a TSwift fan and Nikki Minaj's performance at the Grammy's was disturbing.

I am not a country music fan at all. I'm sorry. I just don't like Miranda at all. She always looks pained or something.

Love the Foos and this photo of them holding hands like a bunch of teenage girls just cracked me up. They totally rocked it last night!

KJ yelled, "OMG! You can see her UNDERWEAR!!!"

I normally love Carrie Underwood but this seems a little "old" for her. She has incredible legs and should be showing them off!

This is one bad-ass Gramma. I hope to be this cool when I'm her age.

Absolutely gorgeous. Her hair, her make-up. That voice! I love her CD and listen to it at least twice a day at work!

Obviously the big news this weekend is the sad passing of Whitney Houston. We were at KJ's volleyball tournament when one of the mom's said, "Oh My God! My T-Mobile News is saying Whitney Houston is dead." Another mom said, "It's probably just a hoax. Didn't they say Bon Jovi had died recently, too?" I checked my twitter feed as the night went on (yeah, I know. Not the most reliable news source) and sadly the rumors were true. One of those weird, surreal, generational moments. Like when Elvis passed away or John Lennon was shot. Or when you heard that Michael Jackson was gone. She had a beautiful amazing voice and I remember being a young girl and seeing Whitney Houston in the pages of Seventeen Magazine.

I liked the fact that the Grammy's acknowledged Whitney's passing but didn't turn it into the Whitney show. LLCool J had some kind words during the opening segment and Jennifer Hudson's tribute was beautiful. I liked the memorials thoughout the show -- Alicia Keys & Bonnie Raitt honoring Etta James, the Beach Boys tribute and who didn't love Glen Campbell singing Rhinestone Cowboy??!! He sounded AMAZING!!! Bruce Springsteen sounded and looked great, too!

I love these little girls!!!

This dress is beautiful but she needs a little more support in the boob area. Oh, and ditch the blue hair. She looks like a Smurfette!

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