Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Socially Awkward

Someone posted this on Facebook yesterday and I found it pretty interesting:
#1 the Huff Post doesn't really explain the criteria they used to compile their list.
#2 I've never even heard of half of these colleges.
#3 I actually do know a couple of kids at a couple of these college and they are anything but socially awkward. Quirky, maybe. Popular, athletic, fun and outgoing, definately.
#4 There are some pretty big names on this list (Furman, Northeastern, U of Arizona, UCF, Iowa and Alabama's own U of Montevallo). Now I realize being a recognizable name does not automatically exclude a school from having students that are a little "different" but I would think some of these larger schools would be very diverse and not be labeled "Socially Awkward."
#5 to put a more positive spin on this, I think they could have named their report something like "Colleges Where Everyone Can Fit In" or "Colleges Where You Can Thrive" or something like that. "Socially Awkward" just doesn't sound nice.

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